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We got into employment law in order to help people whose rights were being violated in the workplace. As we started working in Austin, we realized that one area of employment where employees rights are being violated was the service industry. And the worst part? They have no idea. Thus we created ServiceIndustryLaw.com and partnered with In the Weeds ATX to create a place where people in any area of the service industry can ask any questions they may have and educate themselves on the rights that they have in the workplace. Take a look around and please drop us a line if you have any questions at all. We are here and happy the help!




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This site is paid for by the attorney's of Jarvis & Garcia, LLP and The Cook Law Firm both with offices in Austin,Texas.

Jarvis & Garcia, LLP is a law firm that focuses in Employment Law, Criminal Defense and Personal Injury cases. The attorneys of Jarvis & Garcia, LLP strive to ensure that each client gets the representation they deserve, and work hard to maximize results.

The Cook Law Firm is a boutique firm focusing on employment law. The Cook Law Firm regularly provide consultation to employees, executives, physicians, and small businesses, as well as represent individuals in employment litigation cases.